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Nearly one in five UK citizens to survive beyond 100
Date: 12/30/2010

Nearly one in five people currently in the UK will live to see their 100th birthday, according to the government.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said its figures suggested 10 million people - 17% of the population - would become centenarians.

These are based on Office for National Statistics population projections and life expectancy estimates.

Pensions Minister Steve Webb said the "staggering" figures brought home the need for pension reforms.

"Many millions of us will be spending around a third of our lives or more in retirement in the future," he said, adding that the government was determined to reform the pensions system to make it "sustainable for the long term".

The DWP estimates there will be at least 507,000 people aged 100 or over by 2066, including 7,700 people aged 110 or over - so-called super-centenarians.

Currently 11,800 people in the UK are aged 100 or over and fewer than 100 are over 110.


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Happy Christmas
Date: 12/22/2010

We would like to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas. Wether it be wealth, health or happiness, we sincerely wish that your dreams will come true.

To all jobseekers - You are our life blood and we would like to wish you all the very best over Christmas and 2011.

To our clients - keep finding those jobs for all our willing and able jobseekers :)

To all suppliers - A very merry Christmas to you and yours, keep the prices down, standards high and we'll all have a great 2011.

Richard and the team @ Job Affair

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Study offers hope of repairing MS damage
Date: 12/06/2010

Scientists have identified a way of prompting nerve system repair in multiple sclerosis (MS).

Studies on rats by Cambridge and Edinburgh University researchers identified how to help stem cells in the brain regenerate myelin sheath, needed to protect nerve fibres.

MS charities said the "exciting" Nature Neuroscience work offered hope of restoring physical functions.

But they cautioned it would be some years before treatments were developed.

MS is caused by a defect in the body's immune system, which turns in on itself, and attacks the fatty myelin sheath.

It is thought to affect around 100,000 people in the UK.

Around 85% have the relapsing/remitting form of the condition, in which "flare-ups" which cause disability, are followed by a recovery of a level of the lost physical function.

In this form of MS, there does appear to be some natural myelin repair.

However, around 10% of people are diagnosed with a progressive form of MS, where the decline continues without any periods of remission.

In addition, people with the relapsing/remitting form do often go on to develop what is called secondary progressive MS, which affects them in the same way.

'Missing link'

Scientists have been looking at how they might develop treatments for these two groups.

In MS, loss of the myelin sheaths which act as insulating layers, leads to the nerve fibres in the brain becoming damaged.

These fibres are important as they send messages to other parts of the body.

This study identified a signalling pathway in the brain which can encourage the brain's own stem cells to regenerate new myelin.

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